We have a climb for everyone, check out our huge selection of Clip ‘N Climb walls available at iPlay Carousel and Adventure Coomera.

Big Cheese

A crisp and colourful-looking climb, which enables smaller climbers to steadily weave their way to the top, swopping and matching of hands and feet.

Tree Trunk

Everyone loves climbing trees… but a square tree trunk? That’s unusual, for sure! This is a beautiful recycled tree, laminated and moisture cured to maintain its good looks.

Morse Code

Can you crack the code?  A disarmingly simple looking climb, but one that quickly turns into a challenge with rubber holds that require constant focus, especially when tackling the red route.


Invaders from space provide a super fun problem-solving Challenge for ‘astronuts’ of all ages. LED lighting in the corner moulds adds interplanetary atmospherics.

Cloud 9

A visually whimsical interpretation of scattering of clouds… Ascend through the clouds via one of the three routes indicated by the colour of the holds.

Checker Plate

Don’t let it’s looks fool you the Checker Plate is sure to be a challenge boasting a high climb with numerous hand/foothold positions that allows you to climb your way. 


It’s called the sky scraper for a reason, muster up the courage to take on its heights, getting up is a easy feat but don’t forget to stop and enjoy the views while you are up there! 

Speed Climb

Calling all speed demons this one is for you! Test yourself and go head to head as you scale this climb as quick as you can! First to the top wins! Are you fast enough? 

Lightning Crack

A beautiful climbing wall in the form of a lightning bolt. Climbing the ‘crack’ is a unique challenge for climbers as it requires the right positioning to maintain balance.

Astro Ball

One our most sensational climbs yet, designed to accommodate 3 climbers. Meet your friends and other climbers on your way to the top!

Face to Face

Go Face To Face with other climbers as you both tackle this wall. Speed is key, last one up the wall is a rotten egg! Unlike the speed demon this climb will require a bit of planning to secure a fast time! 

Dark Tower

Don’t let this beauty fool you, despite its beautiful starry night appearance  this beast is ranked a 8 on the difficulty scale and will require your upmost focus. 


Don’t get it twisted the Twister offers climbers a unique challenge. Scale this wall and take a peak over the other side and see who you are going up against! 

Stairway to Heaven

Look mum no hands! Take on the Stairway To Heaven in this challenging obstacle that will get the adrenaline flowing. Muster up the courage as each step will take you up higher and higher. 

Vertical Drop Slide

Nothing beats the feeling of free falling. Experience gravity at full force as you take on the Vertical Drop Slide which we have you free hanging before the massive free fall drop 

Leap of Faith

Take The Leap. Climb your way to the first platform and psyche yourself up because you are about to take the leap, leap from the platform and see if you can grab the trapeze bar but don’t look down if you are scared of heights.

Clip 'N Climb At iPlay

Suitable for ANYONE ages 4+ we have a Clip ‘N Climb Course for everyone, no matter your skill level there is a climb tailored for you. With a large variety of climbs, progression has never been easier! Check out our two Clip ‘N Climb venues iPlay Carousel and iPlay Adventure Coomera to experience an action packed adrenaline fun filled day!


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